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Better Sales Results


Miller Heiman methodologies work in real-world sales situations, executed by real-world sales people and lead to better sales results.

Our customers who start to use Miller Heiman methodologies often report that:

  • More and more sales people are reaching and topping their quota
  • Win rate of major deals is improved
  • Average deal size increases
  • Margin level can be kept at a healthy level
  • Salespeople are more customer focused
  • Sales force focuses more of their efforts to better deals for the company


Miller Heiman Conceptual Selling® helps creating sales opportunities and aligns sales process to the customers buying process. Strategic Selling® helps winning complex and high-value sales opportunities. Large Account Management Process helps producing value to and improves the commitment of strategic accounts.

In our workshops participants work on their own current sales opportunities. No role-plays, no pre-written case-studies, no hypothetical situations. Real, concrete sales opportunities analyzed and effective action plans created.

All this means better sales results!