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Miller Heiman office to Germany


Miller Heiman office to Germany 

Miller Heiman acquired KP2 GmbH, Kreuzer & Partners, Distribution Partner in Germany. With this acquisition we will be able to provide even better customer service throughout Europe, also in Finland.

Here the press release:

Press Release


Miller Heiman Acquires Germany-based KP2 GmbH

Siegfried Kreuzer named Miller Heiman Managing Director, EMEA and will head Miller Heiman Europe operations

Reno, NV - - Miller Heiman, the global leader in sales performance, announced today that it has acquired KP2 GmbH, Kreuzer & Partners. The acquisition introduces Miller Heiman Europe – an additional corporate office in a growing market that will better serve the needs of Miller Heiman clients.

Gap between best and good is widening


Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study 2013 shows that the gap between the best and good is widening. 

2012 the study identified just 6 percent of respondents qualifying as World-Class Sales Organizations.  We saw a 20 percent gap between World-Class Sales Organizations and All Respondents in key performance metrics. 


Performance gap widens to 25%

When we looked at the 2013 data, a couple of things jumped out at us right away.  One was that only 4.9 percent qualified as world class, down 1.1 points from 2012.  But even more significant is that the performance gap between this small group of World-Class Sales Organizations and All Respondents is now 25% across key metrics.  That performance gap between World Class and All has grown 5 points. We want to determine not just why is the gap growing, but what are the elements of the gap. 

This year’s World-Class population is at a 3-year low.  The study captures year-end sentiment, so 2010 captured the great recession of 2009.  This year’s data captures the sentiment at 2012 year end, during the “worst recovery ever.”