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Managing Sales Opportunities

The best sales organizations win sales opportunities significantly more consistently and predictably than others. They deliver better sales results systematically and consistently regardless of the market cycle.

Managing sales opportunities requires solid methodologies and tools. Miller Heiman methodologies help sales people to create effective strategies and implement those to win complex sales opportunities, especially when the value of single sale is high and competitive situation is demanding. As a result there are more sales, better sales.

Miller Heiman methodologies that fit especially well for managing opportunities:

  • Strategic Selling®, to win complex and demanding sales opportunities. Result is a comprehensive strategy that significantly improves the odds to win a deal.
  • Negotiate Success®, to plan and execute a sales negotiation while strengthening the customer relationship.
  • Advanced Concepts® for Strategic Selling®, to continuosly improve the sales team. E-learning methodology to deepen and widen the concepts and tools that allow them to build solutions for practical challenges they face in day-to-day sales work.


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