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Securing Strategic Appointments®

For securing high-quality appointments 

Business development, prospecting and creating sales opportunities can be really challenging task even for experienced sales professionals. It isn’t easy for all to contact previously unknown persons, even harder when contacting top management. Securing the appointments can take a lot of time. 

Making sales opportunities move forward and building relationships cannot happen without meetings. Customers want to know a good, important enough reason for their specific situation, for them to agree on giving time to sales person. A solid process and framework that helps building and communicating a valid business reason for the meeting is needed, and one that does all that relatively quickly. 

Securing Strategic Appointments improves prospecting results significantly. It helps to develop and convey compelling reasons for prospects to agree to meetings with the sales organization member. Salespeople increase their prospecting confidence and a solid business reason for the meeting creates differentiation in first contact.


Typical challenges or problems that can be helped or solved:

  • Salespeople have too few meetings with strategically important contacts
  • Not finding good ways to approach top management
  • Prospecting and contacting work uncomfortable
  • Meetings do not move opportunities forward either commercially or relationship wise
  • No compelling reason for meeting from the customer point of view
  • Weak use of time and effectiveness in prospecting
  • Prospecting efforts produce too many low quality meetings



  • Focuses on initiating contact with prospects or new contacts within a client organization
  • Develops meaningful business reasons for meetings
  • Result is a concrete approach and framework for the first contact and scheduling a meeting



  • Increase contact rates and ratio of quality appointments.
  • Sales organisation creates more meetings that forward the sales process
  • Improves the likelihood of getting meetings scheduled and calls returned
  • Differentiate salespeople from others fighting for time with the same decision makers and influencers
  • Helps salespeople identify and utilize challenges their prospects face in order to secure high quality meetings.


Enable sales to:

  • Gain access to previously unreached decision makers in current accounts.
  • Increase preparation and confidence in prospecting
  • Increase professional confidence and comfort when targeting new prospects
  • Utilize research to identify possible challenges key contacts may be facing in order to secure time
  • Decrease wasted time in preliminary sales conversations


Enable sales management and senior leadership to:

  • Improve prospecting effectiveness and business development efforts.
  • Fill the top of the sales funnel with quality prospects
  • Message consistently to key contacts to move sales opportunities forward
  • Share best practices and successful messaging across sales teams.


Who should attend?

This program is applicable to any member of your organization responsible for securing time with key decision makers from business development and sales to account management and senior leadership.